what trp means by Jameel Attari
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Friends, you must have heard the word TRP many times. Have you ever thought about what is this TRP? Today we are going to tell you about TRP only. TRP Full Form, TRP full form in hindi, TRP kya h, What is TRP

Full form of TRP

  • TRP:- Television Rating Point

What is TRP?

  • TRP is called Television Rating Point.
  • It is ascertained from TRP itself how many people are watching it.
  • It is ascertained from TRP how many people are watching it and how many people have seen it or gone in between.
  • Which channel or program is so famous in any country or world.

Who issues TRP?

  • TRP ratings are issued by INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurementnets) and BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council).

How is TRP checked?

  • To check TRP, People Meter Device is installed as a TRP checker at various places.
  • A people Meter Device tells how many people are liking which channel, program, or advertisement in that area.
  • After this, all the records are sent to the Indian Television Audience Measurement monitoring team every minute, which analyzes the data and extracts the TRP of any channel.

Advantage of TRP

  • The direct benefit of TRP is in the earnings of the channel and its program.
  • The higher the TRP of a channel, the more expensive that channel is.
  • No one wants to advertise on a channel with low TRP.
  • The higher the TRP of the channel, the more people like to advertise on it, due to which the earnings of that channel increase.

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