what is the share market by Jameel Attari
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Friends, you must have heard the name of the share market somewhere. Anyway, nowadays this name is very popular. Everyone thinks that if we want to become a millionaire quickly, then we should go to the stock market. Today we will talk about the share market.

what is the stock market?

  • The share market and stock market are one and the same.
  • stock market is a place where shares of various commissaries are bought and sold.
  • Taking shares in any company means that you will become a partner in that company.
  • You become the owner of some percentage of the earnings on the shares of a company with its senses.
  • Every company has a market value according to which the price of its shares is determined.

How to invest money in the stock market

  • To invest money in the stock market, you have to open a Demat account.
  • You have opened a Demat account with different companies.
  • Click to open a Demat Account.

how to understand the stock market

analyze yourself

  • In the stock market, often people invest their money in the stock market at the behest of others.
  • If you want to invest money in the share market then do your own research.
  • I have been in the share market for so long that I know which stock will increase when do not invest my money if anyone says so.

focus on long-term goals

  • Intraday trading has become trendy.
  • People want to become crorepatis by buying and selling shares in a single day.
  • If you want to earn good money from the share market then don’t do this at all.
  • Share market intraday trading is not long-term trading.
  • If you have even a little interest in the stock market, then do not take the help of intraday trading.

choose the best companies

  • The most important thing in the stock market is that whenever you invest money in the stock market, first of all, choose the best company.
  • Never invest money in any company on someone’s advice.
  • Many people here, especially new people, say without thinking that the company costs money and then there is a loss.

move on after learning

  • Before investing money in the stock market, it is very important to learn about it.
  • Money should be invested in it only after getting information about the stock market.

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