what is intraday trading by Jameel Attari
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Friends, if you work in the stock market or have even a little knowledge of the stock market, then you will hear a word again and again, which is very popular in the stock market right now, intraday trading. Do you know what is intraday trading? Today we are going to tell you about this

Intraday trading meaning

  • Intraday means within a day.
  • Trading means business.
  • In this way, intraday trading means buying and selling shares in the stock market in a single day.
  • In simple words, if we buy shares from the stock market and sell them on the same day, then it is intraday trading.

What is intraday trading?

  • Intraday trading is one of the ways to earn money in the stock market.
  • Shares are filed for intraday trading but not for the purpose of investing.
  • Instead of investing, the purpose of buying shares is to earn money by increasing.
  • One thing should be specially kept in intraday trading it is not necessary that you will get a profit in this, there are spots all over the country even if there is a loss.

Advantages of intraday trading

  • The major advantage of intraday trading is that we do not have to invest our money in the stock market for a long time.
  • In intraday trading, you can earn good money from the morning till the afternoon.

loss in intraday trading

  • In intraday trading, you take decisions in less time.
  • The high profit-making affair hurts him many times.

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