How to stop overthinking by Jameel Attari
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Friends, nowadays every second or third person has to face tension, especially middle-class people who seem to be struggling more with this problem, one reason for the tension is overthinking, what is overthinking today, what is overthinking, and why is it? are going to talk about how to stop overthinking

What is overthinking

Sometimes only one thing keeps revolving in our mind, and we keep thinking about the same thing, overthinking is harmful to our mind as well as to our body, because of overthinking, the solution to the problem is in front of us, but we do not see our life and Many times problems are not big in career, we make them bigger by thinking. Overthinking is not a disease, but if it is not corrected then it can lead us toward disease.

Disadvantages of overthinking

  • In overthinking, we are not able to take the right decision.
  • Due to overthinking, our brain does not understand the situation
  • We unnecessarily waste our energy by overthinking

Symptoms of overthinking

  • Due to overthinking, we are not able to take any decisions.
  • Due to overthinking, we are not able to solve the problem, we just keep thinking about the damage caused by the problem.
  • Due to overthinking, only one thing keeps roaming in our minds, and even after trying to put the mind in another place, we cannot forget that thing.
  • Overthinking disturbs your sleep You can’t sleep even when you try

How to overcome overthinking

  • Do not try to control everything Everything or work should be in our control It is not necessary For example why did he say that He should not have said that There can be many such examples
  • Be ready to change yourself, everyone should go according to you, it is not necessary that everyone has their own life.
  • If you want to take any decision, take it quickly, it does not mean that you should take the wrong decision, if you delay in taking the decision, then your mind will trap you in overthinking.
  • Don’t think about everything why it is happening it shouldn’t happen to find a solution for what is happening if you can’t then stop thinking
  • Whatever things are going on in your mind, write them on paper, this will reduce overthinking.

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