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Friends, nowadays Aadhaar card has become an important document, wherever we go, Aadhaar card has to be presented as a document whenever we make Aadhaar card name or date of birth or father’s name or address in Aadhaar card. If we change then we have to download the Aadhaar card from the official website of Aadhaar card through the internet.

Whenever we download Aadhaar card, it is necessary to have a mobile number registered on the Aadhaar card, if a mobile number is not registered in your Aadhaar, then you cannot download Aadhaar card. You have to get registered then only you can download Aadhaar card. After downloading Aadhaar card you have to enter a password to open it. We cannot open Aadhaar card without entering a password.

Which password is used to open the Aadhaar card, today we are going to talk about the same.

  • As you would know that initially, the password of Aadhaar card used to be the pin code of the district.
  • Anyone could open the Aadhaar card with the pin code of the district
  • Considering the importance of Aadhaar card, to strengthen its security, the password of Aadhaar card has been changed to prevent misuse of Aadhaar card.
  • At present, the password of Aadhaar card is 8 digits.
  • The first 4 letters in 8 digits are the first four letters of the first name of the particular person i.e. the one who has Aadhaar card in capital letter
  • The remaining four letters are taken from the year of birth of the particular person.
  • For example, my name is Jameel Attari my date of birth is 01-07-1992
  • here my aadhaar password will be JAME1992

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