Debit Card vs Credit Card by Jameel Attari
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Friends, as you would know that whenever we open a bank account, we get a passbook, checkbook, and ATM cum debit card. When you use your bank account well, then after some time he is offered a credit card. Many people are very confused about debit cards and credit cards. Today we are going to talk about both of them, as well as the difference between them.

Debit Card

  • A debit card is a card linked to your savings bank and current account.
  • Using Debit Card we can withdraw money from ATMs and POS terminals, and pay our expenses.
  • Whenever we use a debit card, the bank immediately deducts the amount from our savings or current account.
  • This charge is deducted from your account at the time of debit card issuers and annually.
  • To use a debit card, it is necessary to have a balance in your bank account.

Credit Card

  • The credit card is given to you because of the good transactions and behavior you have done with the bank.
  • A credit card is a card in which a certain limit is given to us by the bank, which is like a loan.
  • We can use the limit given to us under the credit card.
  • You can pay your bills with a credit card as well as withdraw cash from ATM if needed but we should avoid withdrawing cash from a credit card.
  • The credit card bill is sent to the e-mail provided on the credit card on a fixed date every month.
  • We are given 15-18 days to pay the credit card bill.

difference between debit card and credit card


  • On a fixed date every month, the credit bill is sent to you by mail, but there is nothing like this with the debit card, the details of the payment you make with the debit card are given in the statement of your bank account.

spending limit

  • Credit cards have a spending limit set by the bank, but debit cards have spending limits set on the amount available in your bank account.


  • The bank that issues the credit card charges bank interest if the bill is not paid within the stipulated time, but this is not the case with debit cards.

ATM withdrawal

  • Withdrawal fees and interest are applicable for cash withdrawals from credit cards, but no fees for cash withdrawals from debit cards.

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