Bad habits that can ruin your life by Jameel Attari
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Friends, in today’s time even a small habit is enough to ruin a life, today we are going to talk about five such habits which can ruin your life.

Do not make relations with anyone as time pass

  • Nowadays, relationships are made only and only for their special purpose.
  • Whenever you make a relationship with someone, do not make it a means of your time pass.
  • You tell whoever you want to be in a relationship with.
  • Maybe you leave it after your purpose is done and it breaks down completely.

Do not give advice to anyone without asking: –

  • Don’t give advice without asking
  • You didn’t take the contract to solve everyone’s problems
  • give advice when asked

Do not stick to your own words

  • Do not stick to your own words, it is not necessary that you are right every time.
  • sometimes you can be wrong

Do not waste time on social media

  • Don’t waste your time on social media
  • time is too precious
  • If you want to get any information on social media, use it only, do not waste your time unnecessarily.

Save yourself from wandering

  • Whenever we do some work, many times while working, we leave our work and start doing something else, never do this.
  • do one thing at a time
  • After completing one task, do another
  • Before completing one task, if you switch to another task, the first task is not completed and the second task also gets stuck.

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