4 enemies that will destroy you by Jameel Attari
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Friends, if we can walk for some time by keeping a 50 kg bag on our shoulders, then it is probably possible, but if we have to carry this same bag on our shoulders for the whole day, can we do that? Almost everyone will answer no. I say that we carry more weight than this and move around all day, so maybe you will misunderstand it but it is right.

You must have seen the movie 3 Idiots, in which a student commits suicide because of not being able to bear the burden of his studies, while congratulating the director of the college, Aamir Khan says congratulations sir, the reason for the murder in the post-mortem was hanging. Death has come while it is murder because scientists have not made such a machine that can know the burden on the brain.

We may be able to tolerate the burden on the shoulders, but the burden of reading on the mind is very heavy, and many people are unable to tolerate it, today we are going to talk about four such things which have a direct effect on the mind. And if we call these things enemies then it will not be wrong.

Along with this, we will talk about how we can avoid these four enemies.

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  • Guilt is linked to our past lives.
  • Many times we make a mistake, then we keep calling ourselves bad by thinking about it.
  • it lets us know we’ve done something wrong
  • Even before doing that thing, we know that it is wrong and after knowing that it is wrong, we still do it.
  • Like – sat in any exam without preparation knowing that if we do not prepare then we will fail.
  • There can be many more such examples
  • No matter how bad you call yourself, you can’t change what you’ve done
  • There can be one thing here, instead of feeling bad, learn from your mistake, yes, I made this mistake, and now I will not make this mistake again.
  • instead of living in your past start living your today


  • There is definitely some fear in every human being.
  • Some are afraid of water, some are afraid of heights, and some are afraid of speaking in front of everyone.
  • we have to overcome this fear
  • There is definitely some way to overcome any fear
  • If you are afraid of getting into the water, then get into less water and start removing the fear.
  • If you are afraid of heights, start from a low height and overcome your fear.
  • If you are afraid of speaking in front of everyone, then start speaking in front of fewer people and remove the fear.


  • We have high expectations from others
  • Don’t expect too much from anyone, keep some expectations from yourself too
  • He didn’t pick up my call He didn’t answer my message
  • By keeping more expectations from others, all the expectations will not be fulfilled, and because of this, the mind will be disturbed.
  • I will not say that do not keep expectations, but these expectations should be within the limit.


  • there is a difference between guilt and
  • In guilt, we know that what we are doing is wrong.
  • but alas it is not
  • While doing or not doing any work, we do not know whether it is wrong or right.
  • As we are preparing for an exam, we leave a chapter thinking that leaves it, it is not special and the same chapter comes in the exam, then we feel sorry that we wish we had read this chapter.
  • Similarly, you were getting a job or a business in your mind, but you did not start it, later you felt that I wish I would have started this job or business, this is called regret.
  • Every decision of ours cannot be right, that’s why there is regret.
  • To avoid this, you should make wise decisions

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